400 Feet Films is one of the South West leading aerial filming and photography production companies.  We use remote controlled “drones’ to create ultra-smooth, cinematic footage up to 4k resolution.

We fly up to a maximum of 400 feet and are fully insured with up to £5m public liability, with permissions for aerial work granted by the C.A.A.

Footage can be viewed via a download link with images from the air viewed in real time, enabling the pilot, cameraman, client or director full control of filming angles and framing.

We provide a wide range of services to property developers, corporate promotion videos, private land owners and wedding videography.

400 feet Films is a new company founded by Linus Moran, a former International news and features photographer, now running a very successful documentary wedding photography business in Dorset.

Linus Moran - 400 Feet Films

Linus Moran

UAV Pilot, Managing Director

Linus has over 20 years experience working within winning imagery.  From news front pages to corporate campaigns, story telling has always been central to his professional approach.

Now working and weaving all media whether it be stills, audio, or video, UAV or “Drone’ Videography and photography is a natural progression.

It’s a relatively new and accessible industry, that thankfully is being responsibly licensed.  We always work within close safety practices, endeavouring to produce outstanding angles and footage, pushing forward with technology and personal piloting skills.