For private clients, estate agents, insurance companies and surveyors.

The latest Drone technology has sped up and cut huge costs normally associated with building inspection and roofing surveys.  In the past a team of men were needed to construct scaffolding towers to access hard to reach places that proved expensive and time consuming.

Now, there is the option to employ highly trained CAA approved UAV pilots to fly over structures accessing the condition of a roof, looking for deterioration, obstructions and impact damage.  Roofing structures may have missing tiles, blocked guttering or storm damage that needs to be corrected to weather proof the building and halt further structural damage and escalating repair costs.

Aerial Survey conducted with Drone showing weather damage to chimney stack.

Aerial Surveys & Drone Roof Inspections

For private clients, estate agents, insurance companies and surveyors.

We conduct Aerial Roof Inspections for private property and land owners, Insurance companies, Roofing contractors, structural engineers, architects and estate agents.

Routinely shooting 4k video allowing us to supply a comprehensive close up view of all aspects of the roofing structure – revealing slates, guttering, flashing, soffit and fascia.  High quality stills photographs can be taken from this along with a selection of stills images being shot during flight.

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Aerial Roof Surveys - Whats Included?

For private clients, estate agents, insurance companies and surveyors.

Aerial/Drone Roof Inspections start from £250 with our UAV pilot being onsite for around 90 minutes.

Having already conducted Pre-Flight surveys and risk assessments (off site preparations)

Onsite surveys prior to flight

Flight time – anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  Each job will dictate according to complexity.

Footage editing, upload and delivery.


    • Commercial Property
    • Residential Sales


  • Roof inspections
  • Architectural 3D Modeling


Capturing the beauty of a region from the sky!


  • Golf Course Fly Throughs
  • Outdoor Sports Arenas