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A recent trip down to the New Forest for a wedding shoot, saw us at the stunning Burley Manor.  It sits within a remarkable setting, nestled within the New Forest, having it’s own deer park opposite the grounds.

We have worked at the venue several times this year, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Yet the appreciation for the place and seeing it’s real beauty is something that can only come from viewing the place from the air.

No wonder the venue is one of the most sought after venue within which to marry within the New Forest.

This aerial videography gained from the day, was purely intended as the scene setting footage within which to give context to the wedding film.  It worked perfectly, but such was the quality of the filming, we also decided to make a venue promotional video.


Burley Manor Wedding Videographers


The drone videography that we offer is so versatile that even small circumfrence orbits around clock towers and other high building aspects work perfectly smooth and give great detail.  perfectly complimenting the epic wide panoramas and fly over cuts.

Do take a look and see what you think.  If you are looking for someone to produce a similar piece of promotional video, please give us a call or fill out the contact page. 

If you are interested aerial videography of your own venue, please don't hesitate to
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