Tourism & Travel Aerial Filming of Cerne Giant Dorset

Tourism & Travel Aerial Filming & Photography

Cinematic aerial location shots showing the beauty of the countryside

Tourism & Travel Aerial Filming has to be the way to go when selling a particular area.  No matter the terrain, hillside, woodland, coastal – all benefit from the ‘bird’s eye view.  It’s a cinematic context shot revealing the complete landscape before coming in closer to amplify one given aspect or multiple aspects.

When working and looking to exploit the appeal of an area we like to explore all the ‘local’ landmarks that will be good tie in aspects to associate with.  In the small trailer clip below made for a Dorset based wedding venue we bought in some key locations surrounding the village of Abbotsbury.  Hardy’s Monument, Cerne Giant, Maiden Castle and of course the World Heritage coastal site of Chesil Beach.

These all leave an unmistakeable impression on the viewer, firmly associating the venue with major geographic locations.  When you have created the correct associations, people identify with the place and the desire to go there has been established.

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Iconic West Country Landscapes

Now, more than ever with more Brits looking at staycations and spending spare income on UK holiday experiences, the chance to bring a spotlight on an area for tourism & travel has never been better!

Our Aerial filming for the tourism & travel industry is backed up by leading ground based camera operatives, so we can create the complete promotional film in house.  Our team of professionals will be happy to support you in realising your creative vision for the project, injecting our own knowledge and experience in order that the brief is attained and excelled upon!

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